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Bug-release version 10.0.4 released

Dolibarr upgrade

Bug-release version 10.0.4 released. Dolibarr ERP/CRM version 10.0.0 was released on june 30, 2019 and two months later the first bug-release was launched with a lot of improvements. After another bug-fix release on september 11, one on october 22, and one one on november 27, So it’s wise to install this update as soon as possible on your current installation.


ChangeLog for 10.0.4 compared to 10.0.3
FIX: The pdf templates were using the large logo making PDF too large (and edition of proposal, order, invoice VERY slow)
FIX: #12258
FIX: #12356
FIX: #12372
FIX: #12385
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190053
FIX: Advisory ID: usd20190067
FIX: Avoid fatal error when creating thumb from PDF
FIX: compatibility with Multicompany
FIX: display job of contact list
FIX: Extrafields missing in export of expense report
FIX: Hook getAccessForbiddenMessage was missing parameters
FIX: limit 20 prevent to see all products/services
FIX: Search on leave request ref
FIX: security check. A user can see holiday with link without permissions
FIX: Set unpaid of expense report
FIX: shipping extrafields line
FIX: the SELECT examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows #12305
FIX: triggers: directories read with opendir() never closed
FIX: we need to be able to recalculate tva only if invoice not in accountancy
FIX: wrong invoice id for fetchObjetctLinked